Setting Up Slack Notifications
Connect Churnkey with your organization's Slack and to send session notifications to a specific channel.
You can connect Churnkey with Slack to have session notifications delivered to a specific Slack channel. This is helpful if you want team members that don't have access to the Churnkey web app to be aware of customer cancellation sessions. For example, a customer success rep that should be following up with customers that canceled because of a missing feature.

Connecting Churnkey & Slack

Head to your Churnkey account settings:

Connect Churnkey to Slack

Click "Connect to Slack". This will walk you through the configuration process within Slack. Give the Churnkey Slack App authorization and choose which channel you want session notifications posted to.
Connecting Churnkey to a Slack channel

Set Your Notification Preferences

Choose which session results you want to be sent to the previously designated Slack channel as notifications.
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